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Rubrics for Assessing ILO 1

Rubrics for Assessing ILO 1


Here are the rubrics to use for assessing ILO #1. Choose one version – whichever one makes the most sense for your assignment.


To assess a writing assignment:  Communication Rubric-Writing full form

For an oral presentation:  Communication Rubric-Oral Presentation full form

For a media story:  Communication Rubric-Media full form

To assess the performing or visual arts:  Communication Rubric-Visual & Performing Arts full form


Example of a filled-out rubric:


Example filled out Communication Rubric-Writing full form

Permission Form:


ILO #1 Permission Form

Use this form to get permission from students to use an anonymous copy of their work for the college-wide communication portfolio.


Procedure Handouts:


How to Assess ILO #1, F14

Assessment Process, 2014-2015