Counseling Classes

Counseling Classes

Counseling Courses: Improve in College, Career & Life!

Counseling classes are an opportunity for you to take classes that improve your college and critical thinking skills, improve the self, and learn how to be an autonomous and interdependent individual. And many are transferable to a university and degree-applicable. Our most commonly offered courses are listed below.

COUN 24 College Success (3 Units)

Identification and development of resources that facilitate college success: High-performance learning utilizing information organization and management, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, effective time management, learning styles and strategies and memory theory, goal setting and educational planning, and campus/community resources.

Acceptable for credit: CSU GE Area E, UC

COUN 30: Personal Growth and Development (3 Units)

Examination of the psycho-social dynamics of personal growth: Focus on self exploration, learning to make choices, stress and coping, interpersonal relationships, origin and resolution of conflicts and the role of emotions in behavior and health; includes active personal involvement, group interaction, and self-study.

Acceptable for credit: CSU GE Area E; AA/AS Area 2

COUN 57 Career and Life Planning (3 Units)

In-depth career and life planning: Self-exploration, identifying values, interests, needs and goals; development of skills for assuming careers and lifestyles over the lifespan, influence of career choice on the quality of life, and the development of a career action plan. Designed to assist those students consdering the transition of a career change or undecided about the slection of a college transfer major.

Acceptable for credit: CSU Area E, UC

COUN 201 Orientation to College (1 Unit)

Information for new students: College programs, policies and procedures, campus resources, assessment; and abbreviated Student Education Plan.