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AP Credits and College Credits from High School

AP Credits and College Credits from High School

All about AP courses (Advanced Placement) and examsAdvanced Placement Credits from Exams

Students who passed Advanced Placement Exams with a score of 3 or higher qualify for college units.

To use your AP Exam Scores, you must order official scores from the CollegeBoard website to be sent to to be kept on file for future use. Additional fees may apply.

The type of units vary depending on the AP Exam. The most up to date list of Laney courses eligible for completion with AP Credit can be found in the Laney Catalog.

High School Concurrent Enrollment or Dual Enrollment

College courses that you took within the Peralta District during high school can be used automatically towards any academic goal at any college in the Peralta Community College District.

You must request an official transcript from colleges where you took courses outside of the Peralta Community College District. See that college’s transcript request webpage for their process on ordering transcripts. Outside transcripts can be emailed to the Peralta Admissions and Records Office at or to a Laney College Counselor who will forward your transcript to the Admissions Department. Please notify your counselor if you are sending transcripts to them directly.