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Salvador Victoria

Salvador Victoria

Hola! Mi nombre es Salvador Victoria, soy consejero en Laney College. Estoy muy orgulloso de poder apoyar estudiantes planeando sus clases, explorando carreras, y dessarollando metas educativas y professionales.

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Hello! My name is Salvador Victoria, I am counselor here at Laney College. It is my passion to help
students develop their goals, plan their educational pathway, find their career calling, and provide support as you move through education.

I completed by BA in Urban Studies and City Planning from San Francisco State University. Afterward, I taught English in Taiwan for several years (加油!). Upon returning to the United States, I completed my MA in Counseling (Higher Education and Student Affairs) at Saint Mary’s College.

While I am relatively new to the counseling profession, I have been working in education for the past 7 years. I serve all students, embracing the differences between us. Everyone is welcome in my counseling spaceand will be received with genuineness, empathy, and non-judgement.

You can reach me via appointment on the Laney Counseling website or by email-
Hope to meet you soon. Peace.