Laney College

Books & Supplies

How Do I Get Books and Supplies?

  • Plan to purchase your books and supplies for your classes as early as possible.
  • Books and supplies can vary depending on the class and the instructors.
  • Before the semester begins, you can check online here at the Laney Bookstore to see if your instructor has notified the bookstore of the class textbook. Otherwise, you may just find out on the first day of class, looking on the course syllabus (the class contract).
  • You can search online bookstores to see if you can find new or used books online.
  • You can also ask your instructor if you can use an older edition of their textbook, which could also be less expensive.
  • Certain special programs like EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs/CAFYES, Umoja/Ubaka, APASS (Asian Pacific American Student Success) and Gateway to College offer book loans, book vouchers, and other supplies to help ease student costs. Click on the link of each program to find out more.
  • When scheduling classes, look for courses in our online schedule that have a “Zero Cost Textbook,” which means the instructor has made all course materials free to access.
  • If you need a Chromebook, click here for Laney’s Chromebook Loan Program.