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Need Help in a Class?

Need Help in a Class?

A Helping HandSeeking help is an essential activity for college students:

We are so grateful that you are seeking ways to address your challenges in  your classes. Needing help in learning your college material is normal and seeking support should be a regular part of your college experience.

There are some tips on ways to address having difficulty in classes:

  • Contact your instructor and let them know the challenges you have been having.
  • Visit your instructor during office hours.
  • Exchange contact information with students to reach out to them when you need help or have questions.
  • Access free learning sites like and to do activities that can supplement your learning.
  • Make an appointment with a Laney Counselor to discuss creating Student Success Plan for a successful semester.
  • Enroll in a support class linked to English 1A (Composition and Reading), Math 13 (Statistics), Math 1 (Precalculus) or Math 50 (Trigonometry).
  • Enroll in a workshop to support your learning in English and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes.

Laney resources that can help you address your learning challenges: