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After You Sign Up for Classes…

After You Sign Up for Classes…

I'm Done, Now What? - Hillside Park 5Gillespie/HennigarWhat happens after I sign up?

Financial Aid:

  • The FAFSA, Dream Act, or CA Promise Grant applications may not be the only paperwork you need to submit. After enrolling in classes, you should look for notifications from Laney Financial Aid in three different locations:
    1. Your Peralta email inbox (access through the Peralta Portal)
    2. Your Campus Solutions Student Center “To-Do List.” (Click the blue link in the To-Do List to find out how to complete the tasks)
    3. Send an email to your Laney Financial Aid Staff Representative’s contact information. Find their name on this page, by student’s last name.
  • You can get the best information for all your Laney Financial Aid questions from your Laney FA Staff Representative. Find that helpful person by clicking here.
  • If there are still items that Laney Financial Aid is requesting, it means that you will not get your financial aid disbursement (aka, your money) until you submit those items.
  • Once your application is finally complete, approval and disbursement can take up to 4 to 6 weeks, so stay connected to Laney FA Department.

Books and Supplies

How do I access my classes?

Have more questions?

Counselors are the first department you can come to when you don’t know what to do or need help and advisement. Come to us with a question and we will answer or guide you to those who have the answers. You can schedule an appointment or send a live chat message from our homepage.